One of the best ways to be successful in life and business is to look at the people that are already there and doing it, and to learn from them.

Top business people are successful because they have a number of habits that they do before breakfast that the average person does not carry out.

Whilst we are sleeping, they are building their empire.

These habits are crucial to their success and can be crucial to your success to.

Take a look at the 12 steps and see which ones you could implement to increase your chance of success in business and life.

1) Wake Up Early


Sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day. You have so much to do and it can feel like you are being pulled in all directions.

Time in the morning is all yours. You can control what happens in those hours and you can squeeze as much out of them as you can.

Waking up early will give you that much needed productive time.


2) Exercise


The most important activity that successful people do is exercise.

Exercising in the morning means they do it before it falls off their to-do list.

Apart from helping you to keep fit, it helps to relax you and to alleviate stress.


3) Work On A Top-Priority Business Project


The quiet hours of the morning can be the ideal time to focus on an important work project without being interrupted.

Spending time on your project at the beginning of the day ensures that it has your full attention before other people start calling you up about something else.

Think of early morning as project time and choose a top-priority project each day to focus on.


4) Work On A Personal Passion Project


The morning hours could also be a time when you focus on a personal project.

By officially starting the day on your own project, you will have time to concentrate on it without any interruptions.

Put aside time in the morning for your own project and make it into a habit. This is your time to focus.


5) Spend Quality Time With Family


The day hours can get swallowed up with business and those closest to you are sometimes neglected.

Invest time with your family in the morning or evening, or both. Make time for people that matter.


6) Connect With Your Partner


Sometimes the evenings can be taken up with family routine, like dinner, TV, outing kids to bed.

Allow time in the morning to connect with your partner. Talk to each other.


7) Network Over Coffee


The morning can be a great time to meet with people for coffee or breakfast. You are fresher and more creative in the mornings.

Plus, networking breakfasts are less disruptive than midday lunches and more work-orientated than evening parties.



8) Meditate


Many successful people devote themselves to a spiritual practice such as meditation or prayer to centre themselves for the rush of the day.

It helps them to focus on the important things and to alleviate stress.


9) Write Down What Your Grateful For


Expressing gratitude is another great way to centre you and get the proper perspective before heading to the office.

Writing down the people, places, and opportunities that you’re grateful for takes just a few minutes but can make a real difference in your outlook.

Expressing gratitude, asking for guidance, and being open to inspiration.


10) Plan And Strategize


Planning the day, week, or month ahead is an important time management tool to keep you on track.

When you’re fresh in the morning, use this time to do big-picture thinking. It can help you prioritize the day and what you want to achieve by the end of it.


11) Check Email


The morning allows for a quick scan of emails and any urgent massages that need an immediate response.

Allowing time to clear your inbox helps you to get tasks out of the way and concentrate on the day ahead. You can then switch off emails and focus on more challenging projects.


12) Read The News


Most successful people have a pre-breakfast ritual for getting the latest headlines.

By the time they get to work, that have a pretty good idea of what’s going on in the world, and then, can get to the business of changing it.


So there you have it.

12 Ways to start your day like you mean business!!

What habit are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below.