Sometimes it feels like there is no time for your own self-care, especially when we’re busy and feeling overwhelmed. You end up looking after everyone else and putting yourself last.


But it’s crucial that you take the time out for yourself. Otherwise you could end up sabotaging your own health and wellbeing.
Self-care is relatively simple. It’s a few basic habits where you can take time out from the madness of life. It’s doing things that will top up your wellbeing and give you more energy.


If you’re looking for some self-care ideas for a better life (and more energising!), here are 20 ways for you to put to the test:


1. Get out of the city and go for a walk. Some of the best places to go will include a park, a woodland, by a lake, on the beach, up the mountains, etc. Just somewhere where you can breathe fresh air into your lungs.

2. Visit an art museum. Wonder at the amazing artwork and sculptures that people have imagined and created.


3. Learn something new such as an instrument or a language. We need to keep our brains active and engaged with new material.


4. Visit a new place. It doesn’t have to be miles away. It could be that you explore a new area of your neighbourhood or town. Be adventurous and open to seeing what’s around the next corner.


5. Create a list of all of the things you love about yourself. Think deeply and honestly.


6. Read a self-development book. Try Minimalism: Live A Meaningful Life.


7. Create a bucket list and start putting dates next to a handful that you want to complete in the next year.


8. Go on a bike ride along the canal or in the park. If you don’t have a bike, look at nearby places that you could rent them.


9. Visit a library, and sample some of the amazing resources to hand.


10. Make yourself a juice or smoothie, and have lots of goodness.


11. Practice meditating, and empty your mind.


12. Avoid multi-tasking. Be present in the moment.


13. Speak to your loved ones and tell them you love them.


14. Declutter your life by getting rid of the stuff you no longer use, need or have space for.


15. Learn how to be more productive, and do more with less.


16. Leave your phone in another room for an hour or more. You will learn that you don’t need to keep checking it every 5 minutes.


17. Have a morning routine, such as the Miracle Morning. This will help you to rise early and start the day with YOU.


18. Have a long soak in the bath. Use some bath salts and relax. Light some candles and enjoy the time by yourself.


19. Listen to relaxing music.


20. Be creative. We all have a child in us that wants to play games, build stuff, and draw things.


Now that you have 20 great ideas for self-care, you’re ready to start living a better life and focusing on you.


Why not have a think of more ideas that you could try out. Let me know what they are in the comments. I’d love to know!