Ditch your friends?

Find new ones?

Have I totally lost the plot????

No, not exactly.

You see, it all started when I became interested in coaching and creating an online business.

I was completely obsessed by it all and thought my new found career and business was totally amazing.

And as everyone likes to do when you’ve found something amazing, you want to share it with the world.

So I talked about these ideas to family and friends.

What I wasn’t expecting was their reaction to it.

Some friends and family, well what can I say…….…..

They just didn’t get it.


And truth be told, they still don’t understand where I’m coming from now.

They don’t know why I’m thinking of leaving my job that I’ve spent countless years studying for.

They don’t understand why I’m not happy to stay put in a ‘good stable’ job.

They have no idea why I want to set up an online business.

Worse of all, because they think they know me, they therefore assume they know what’s best for me and give me advice about it all!

It just not what I want to hear.

Sometimes it feels like they’re sucking the life out of me. Bit. By painful bit.

I start to wonder what the hell am I thinking?

Who am I to try and do something different?

Why shouldn’t I be grateful for what I’ve got?

What do I know about starting a business?!?!?

I’ve come to realise that although your friends are there for you and support you in daily life, you cannot look to them for validation especially in regards to your dreams and your business.

You need to surround yourself with new types of people.

Passionate people.


Well apart from the reasons stated above, being with passionate people…


1) Will help you on your journey to achieve business success, without putting you down or giving you reasons why you cant do it

2) They will be there for you when you’re feeling down and will inspire you to do better

3) They will help you come alive, and give you the energy to create something amazing

4) They will be there to support you, no questions asked

5) They will help you reach higher and go farther that you ever thought you were capable of, simply by being there and feeding off their successes

6) They will help you to realise that there is another way. You don’t have to go along the normal bog-standard route. You don’t have to conform to society’s rules


Being with a group of passionate people ignites your desire to live your dream and go for what you want.

Being with negative people will always bring you down and will always suck the energy out of you.

You don’t need to live that reality.

You can choose who you spend time with.

Ditch the people that are keeping you at their level.

Go out and find people that make you feel alive and bursting with positivity.

Find the people that you know you want to be around and that will make you a better person for it.

Seek them out and make that connection.

Get lost in conversations.

Feel good with them.


You are the average of the five people closest to you – Jim Rohn

The single predictor of success is the people who surround you. – Scott Dinsmore

Spending time with them is like therapy. They make me want to build new things, run faster, eat healthier, dream bigger and live on a new level altogether. – Scott Dinsmore