This free mini-course has been designed so that you can create your own awesome opt-in. It will take you through the process of brainstorming, creating and setting up an opt-in (or lead magnet) for your website.

I created this challenge to be done in 6 hours (hard core I know), but feel free to work through the material at your own pace.


Hour 0 – The Warm Up



And we’re off!!

This is the warm up hour, so I’m not technically counting this as hour number 1, but it is SO essential to have this hour first.

The video explains what we are going to do and the way the challenge is going to work.

When you’ve listened to the video, what I’d love you to do is to start thinking of the opt-ins that you’d like to create.

Start brainstorming and make sure the ideas you come up with relate back to your main service or product.


Hour 1 – Planning



In this hour, we’re going to decide on the aims of your opt-in, the audience, the media type and the outline.

Here are some questions to get you thinking:

  • What do you want to achieve from this opt-in? Both personally and from an audience perspective?
  • What is it that you want to share? And what is the outcome the person is going to get?
  • Who is the opt-in for? Why would they want it? What problem/desire does it help with?
  • How do you want to share it? For the audience, what do they like to consume?

Now you have those in place, write out an outline for what you are going to create.


Hour 2 – Format & Delivery



Now we’re concentrating on the format and delivery of your opt-in in more detail.

In this free spreadsheet, write in the details of your opt-in and break it down into sections.

(Download spreadsheet here)

It is important to add value to your opt-in, so think about how can you make it even better.

Are their extra resources you could provide? Maybe you could include additional materials?

What are the different formats that you would need?

Not everyone likes to read, so consider the other senses such as watching and listening.


Hour 3 – Creating Content



For this hour, I want you to concentrate on drafting out your opt-in. So whether you are writing an ebook, doing a video, or recording an audio, this is the time where you get pen to paper, or fingers to the keyboard.

The best writing happens when we don’t think about it, so just go with the flow as we can edit later.

Write your intro, middle and end.

Write what you want to cover in your videos.

Write what you want to say in your audios.

Write, write, write…

Make sure you put in a Call To Action in your content. You will need the person to take additional action after the content.


Hour 4 – Final Draft



This hour, is where you take what you have and start molding it into the final opt-in.

If you are doing an eBook or document of sorts, this is where you start editing it and making sure it’s how you want it to be.

If you are doing a video or audio, take the time now to edit your script and record it.

What I want by the end of this hour, is opt-ins that are 90% complete. (We can save the 10% for the next hour.)

There are various tools that you can use to format your opt-in, which you may have identified on your spreadsheet.

For digital content, I like to use PowerPoint, Word and Canva. Other ways include Adobe InDesign, Apple Pages, Google Docs, etc.

For videos, I like to use my laptop software, Movie Maker. Other ways include iMovie, Camtasia, Screenflow, etc.

This is where we could spend hours and hours. I know when I have created eBooks, I’ve spent loads of time making it look ‘just right’. But it is never going to be perfect, as I have found out. I still want to do changes even now!

So make sure it’s good, and get it done. It’s the value that people are after.


Hour 5 – Editing and Uploading



Ok, hour 5 is all about final edits and formatting, and uploading your content to your chosen system.

I have chosen to show you how I upload media to my website, and also to my email system as I thought that this would be more useful for this challenge.

There is an extra video below, where I show you how to upload different types of media to a WordPress web page. The second part of the video shows how you can integrate your opt-in into your email system (I did use Aweber. Now I use Convertkit).

There are a multitude of ways to upload your content to WordPress, however I feel that these are the simplest.



Hour 6 – Tech Set Up



By now you should have your opt-in all ready and uploaded to your website or on an email, or both.

This final stage is making sure that the technology works seamlessly for when someone opts in.

Test, test, and test again!

Here is an email engagement flow chart you can download, which shows where your opt-in lies in the scheme of things.

Not only does your opt-in allow you to bring in leads, it also allows you to connect with your subscribers, to build relationships with them and to provide even more value.

It really is the best way to show your subscribers who you are and what you really stand for.

Finish testing your tech, and make sure you have a few really great engagement emails after your welcome email.


Hour 6 End – Congratulations!



Massive congratulations. You did it!

It’s been an amazing challenge. I’ve learnt loads and I hope you have too.

I would love to see your opt-ins and what you have created, so make sure you share them here.

Thanks again for being part of this 6 Hour Opt-In Challenge.

Let me know in the comments what opt in you are going to create and why.

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