Starting an online business is one of the easiest ways to be your own boss and have the freedom you desire.

What’s brilliant about starting an online business or a blog, is that you can do it whilst still in your job. You can set it up on the side and build it up to a point where you can start to make money from it, and if you want, finally escape your job and work full time on your business.

When I first started Superstar Your Life back in 2011, I had no idea about websites and setting one up.

It’s never easy as 1-2-3, but with hard work and dedication I was able to design and build my own website, which enabled me to write what I wanted on my blog and to market my business.

You too can do the same!

You can start a business with as little $200, and I am here to show you how.

Watch the video or read below, and see how you can do it too!

Please note that I am an affiliate to some of the products. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, then I will receive an affiliate commission (at no additional cost to you).  I only ever recommend things I have used and that I believe are helpful and useful.



The Video Run Down – How to start a business with less than $200.


Buy A Domain Name


A domain is a unique name that identifies an internet resource such as a website. There are variations such as .com,, .org and .net.

When thinking of your domain name for your business, make sure it is relevant and easy to understand.

You can buy a domain for approximately $10 per year.


Get A Web Host


A web host is a company that provide space on their server and provides internet connectivity. This allows you to use your domain name and host your pages on the internet.

I recommend Bluehost as I have been using them since 2011 and I have always had great service with them.

What’s great about Bluehost is that that they actually give you one free domain when you sign up for them, so there’s no need to buy a domain separately.

There are many web hosting companies so make sure you do your research before getting one.

Web hosting costs approximately $3.95/month (or $100 per year).


Download WordPress


WordPress is a blogging platform that allows you to create your website pages.

There are two types of WordPress platforms, and a

The .com is where you can set up a blog for free. Your website name will always end with ‘’. For example, This decreases the authority in search engines and also with readers.

The .org is where you can download WordPress to put on your own hosted domain. The one we want!

You can easily get WordPress with a one-click download from your web host dashboard. This allows you to get a basic website up and running in about half an hour. You can read my step by step guide to setting up a website here.

WordPress has many  free themes available to get you started, however, you can also buy premium themes which will give your blog that extra individuality.

I use Elegant Themes as a premium theme. It is easy to install and is simple to customise.

Elegant Themes have a collection of 87 beautiful WordPress themes that you can download. For only $67, you can get 100% complete access to their entire theme collection, so that if you don’t like the first one you download, you have another 86 to choose from!

Once purchased, I decided to download the theme called Divi as I liked the simplicity of it. It is such a good theme, plus it has an easy page builder to make it even better.



Design A Logo


Get a logo designed for your website.

You can use sites such as where you can get a graphic designer to design your logo for as little as $5.

However, I would point out at this stage that it’s a good idea to know your business branding. You need to know who your target customer is, what you want to say to them and how you want your website to feel and look. This will really help in putting a look which is cohesive.

Alternatively, you could design your own logo using Picmonkey or Canva, which are free design tools.

Watch my video here for How to Brand Like A Pro with Canva.

I decided to design my own logo with Canva as I wasn’t sure of where my business was heading at the time. Now that I know the essence of my business branding, I will likely get it changed in the near future.


Email Management System


An email management system is a tool that allows you to collect email addresses and build your list.

This is an essential part of any successful business, and I recommend you get started straight away.

There are many different companies that carry out this service such as Convertkit, Mailchimp, Aweber, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, and Get Response.

There are free services such as Mailchimp to get you started.

I started with a paid email management system because I wanted to begin with something that could do everything I needed it to do.

I decided to go with Aweber and I have used them from 2011 to 2016. They have many great features which makes my life easier when sending out emails to subscribers and staying connected with them. It starts from $19 per month.

Alternatively, you could use Convertkit. I have used them since 2016, and they have been a great email management system. They are very similar to Aweber, but I have found they have a better segmenting process, and one which I personally get on with better. Convertkit starts at $29 per month.


Business Cards


Although business cards are not necessary an ‘online’ business tool, I have chosen to include them as I feel they are indispensable for when you are networking.

Even though you have an online business, there is nothing better than going out and talking to people.

I would recommend going to networking events in your local area and further afield.

Having your business cards will allow you to direct people to your website where they can find out more about you and your business.

Business cards are approximately $30.


To summarise:


Domain name – approx $10 per year

Web hosting – approx $100 per year

WordPress plugin and free template

Logo for your site – $5 from

Email Provider – free providers such as Mailchimp

Business cards – approx $30

In total, the cost for starting your own online business is $145 (not even $200!!!).


You can use free business tools or more expensive tools, however, this gives you a guide of what you can expect to spend your money on.

As you can see, starting an online business is relatively inexpensive and you can get your services, products or courses on your website today.

All you need is a website where you can offer your services and get paid.

Take your passion and determination for starting a business, and make it happen!!

What will you do next? Will you start your website?