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The tools and resources here (and the ones that will be added) will help you make that dream a reality.

They will help you to start a business whilst still at your job, give guidance on making the most of your time, and offer you advice on ways to start a business doing what you love.

At Superstar Your Life, my mission is to help you create freedom and adventure in your life. I will be creating new tools and resources to help you do just that.

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The Toolkit

Top 10 Tips On Starting A Business Whilst In A Full Time Job

All the top tips collated together from my experience of starting and building my business whilst I was working at my normal day job. From organising your time to outsourcing work, you’ll have all you need to get going with your business.

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Start A Business With The Skills You Already Have

This guide shows you how the world is changing and why you need to start a business. It shows you step by step how to identify your skillset which will enable you to start a business you love.

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The Top 10 Tools I Use In My Business

Using the right tools is essential for a business. I have learnt what tools work for me and the ones I would recommend. Here I share with you the top technical tools I use to make sure my business is running effectively.

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The Opt-In Ideas Bible

Having irresistible opt-ins will be the difference between a growing email list and a stagnant email list.

The Opt-In Ideas Bible has over 50 different types of opt-ins, including real-life examples.

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